What Sets DBA Apart

1 Reliable, creditable and secure.
DBA has been an authorised Deposit Bond Issuer since March 1998 and currently approves Deposit Bonds on behalf of the Underwriter QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited.
2 Qualified Purchasers give Vendors confidence in any market.
During the past 19 years over 99% of all DBA’s qualified purchasers have settled without incident.
3 Deposit Bonds issued by DBA are more efficient than bank guarantee.
Deposit Bonds are more accessible being unsecured. No mortgage documentation is needed so there are no time delays exchanging contract.
4 Quick and helpful professional service you can count on.
Since 1998 DBA has built its reputation for a consistently reliable and efficient service assessing applications, approving and issuing deposit bonds within 4-48 hours depending on the complexity of the purchaser’s situation.
5 No loan approval required.
DBA conducts an in-house credit assessment equivalent to that of a full doc loan application so the purchaser has no need to arrange a loan approval first.
6 Make your money work harder.
By using a DBA issued Deposit Bond the purchaser has no need to pay the deposit monies by drawing on existing lines of credit or selling other investments. These can be left intact and readily available for settlement.
7 Be cost effective at all times.
Whether interest rates are high or low, the cost of deposit bonds compares very well with Purchasers using borrowed funds or bank guarantees for their deposit.
8 No interest payable - just 1 approval fee
The deposit bond fee is paid to DBA on approval, no interest is applicable. Therefore purchasers are protected from interest rate fluctuations between exchanging contracts and settlement.
9 More product options to suit your needs.
Deposit bonds suit a wide variety of needs in the market place. First Home Buyers, Owner Occupiers, Individual, Retirees, Investors, Corporate, Trusts and Superannuation entities.
10 More property types, mean more opportunity.
Residential and Commercial properties are now acceptable property types for Deposit Bonds issued by DBA, whether purchased by individuals or corporate entities.

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